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Friendship and love

The adorable Happy Faces jewels by SO COSÌ are a celebration of one of the most important things in the world: friendship

We do live in dark and challenging times. And yet, on the horizon, there are always many beacons of uplifting positivity. Think of the adorable Happy Faces collection of jewels by SO COSÌ, so adorable that they most definitely will bring a smile even to the grumpiest of faces. It is indeed impossible to resist the positive and uplifting power of these jewels. Based on the most popular emojis, hashtags and other symbols of contemporary everyday communication, the gold plated silver or sterling silver jewels decorated with Swarovski crystals are the perfect example of the SO COSÌ spirit. As a matter of fact, the German jewellery brand “came into existence out of a very personal reason”. It is the indeed the fruit of and a homage to the 25 year friendship between Helena and Cosima. A friendship that lasted “through thick and thin” and regardless of the fact that the two women don’t even live in the same city. A friendship that was and is still helped a lot by those symbols, like a smiley or a happy face, that are indispensable to the way we communicate today, as they speak a thousand words, The same symbols that have became the basis of the Happy Faces project.

The brand has also an ongoing collaboration with Disney resulting in a series of pieces of the SO COSÌ loves DISNEY capsule collection.


SO COSI_I Just Wanna Feel_Necklace_Sterlingsilber_119 Euro
SO COSI_All You Need is Love Necklace_Sterlingsilber goldplattiert_89 Euro
SO COSI_Sunglasses At Night Necklace_Sterlingsilber goldplattiert_89 Euro
SO COSI_Cry Me a River Necklace_Sterlingsilber _79 Euro
SO COSI_You Are My Sunshine Necklace_Sterlingsilber goldplattiert_89 Euro
SO COSI_Sweet Dreams_Sterlingsilber goldplattiert_89 Euro_
SO COSI_Girl You're My Angel_Strlingsilber_79 Euro
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