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The bold, avant-garde inspiration of IMPETUS

An arrogant projection into the future, rich in adrenalin and far from any social judgement: this is how the new collection from IMPETUS is presented, a brand with an open, brash mentality whose creativity is poured into a series of underwear with a strong avant-garde inspiration.

The source for this inspiration is the current sociological context, in which every tactic linked to the old clichés is promptly updated in a new communicative style. New attitudes, interactions and personal style communication lead the brand to explore the boundaries of its know-how with determination, enriching its products with digital prints, vibrant colours and the use of TENCEL. The models proposed stand out for the briefs and boxers in various lengths. The I AM WHAT I WEAR collection explores the boundaries of creativity, proposing a visual impact that really leaves an impression.


By Sara Baroni


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