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Marella Ferrera

The colors, scents and charm of her enchanting homeland, Sicily, are the common thread of the creations of Marella Ferrera, a talented fashion designer who is very proud of the priceless heritage of this territory. In her new bridal collection, she remains loyal to the stylistic beauty, and the search for excellence that characterized her work from the outset. For this collection, her creative spark has opened its historical archive, with the intent to link the oldest and most precious Sicilian tradition with a more modern and contemporary spirit. This avant-garde experimentation brings a unique originality dictated by the materials and shapes, sinuous and sophisticated contours that enhance each silhouette. The textures of the fabrics speak of ancient times, the patchwork lace joins macramé and filet, ceramicized lava stone enrich the plaited string as decorations that recall the ceramics of Caltagirone, unique pieces of artwork. Stunning scenery meets baroque architecture, art contaminates every corner of fabric, baptizing an educated and sophisticated taste for the beautiful, which allows tailoring to create a special atmosphere that only in Sicily you may perceive and breathe. The dresses are ethereal, as if suspended in another dimension, the colours reminiscent of a magical sunburned land, lapped by the waves of the Mediterranean, ranging from the white stone of Noto to the black lava stone of the majestic Mount Etna, to the nuances of the temples and pottery of Agrigento. A magical ode to one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, whose most intimate character is contained in this breathtaking collection.


Haute Couture and Sposa n.162 a/w 2015_16

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