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Woolrich: creative talent and innovative cultural heritage

A thrill of emotion still shrouded in darkness, an idea in the soul and a dream between the fingers. The heartbeat a second before taking that deep breath and going on stage. The spotlights on the Spring/Summer 2019 season at Woolrich, are shining on the new generations of creative talents at the NYU Tisch School of Arts.

The second act in the campaign “Woolrich: American Soul Since 1830” crowds the scenes of the global theatre thanks to the students of New York’s most important school of performing arts. Involving disciplines from various departments (directing, theatre, photography, music, and dance), Woolrich imprints on its garments the acclaimed excellence of an intrinsic human value, celebrating its intergenerational project in a series of exciting shots and video. The genuine, accurate naturalness of these visionary artists will be part of a cultural heritage for future generations, capable of pushing the creative thinking of the brand towards ever more ambitious heights.

Shot in New York, the importance of the artistic disciplines is enhanced by the clinical eye of Jack Davison and the styling of Mel Ottenberg. The pioneering role of Woolrich is perceptible through the meticulous treatment of the performance fabrics for workwear and outdoor, adapted in a fascinating combo with official school clothes. A history of innovation, creativity and American guile connects the brand to the vitality and celebrated diversity typical of the Big Apple. The past and future of youth culture find huge support in Woolrich, not only through the great visibility on offer, but also thanks to the scholarship offered to benefit student s of the NYU Tisch Future Artists programme.

By Sara Baroni






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