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# 501day: Levi’s® 144th Anniversary

#SS17 Celebration collection for the 501® family

One of the most anticipated launches of Spring/Summer 2017 is happening in two days time. In 48 hours you will be able to buy one of the limited edition garments specially designed to celebrate the 144th anniversary of Levi’s®, the most famous denim brand in the world.

On May 20th, 1873, a simple pair of jeans started to change history by becoming a key garments for millions of people. Adapting to totally different environments and situations, the 501® jeans forged its fortune thanks to its chameleon-like qualities that make them a key wardrobe garment for anyone: from youngsters and workers to rock stars, actors, presidents. They have been worn not just by amazing people but also at some of the greatest moments in recent history such as the fall of the Berlin Wall.

To celebrate the strong link between 501® jeans and the music scene, the collection focuses on three emblematic styles with a strong rock’n roll mood, characterised by tears, cuts, drawings, embroideries. Thanks to a continuous style renewal, the presence of a vintage spirit and a series of evolving styles, like the Skinny, the Original Jeans, the CT and the Shorts, 501® jeans can give anyone a truly unique personal style to express their own personal self.


By Sara Baroni

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