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Autumn’s accessories


Even during grey rainy days, life becomes a playground for the little ones thanks to the practical and functional rubber boots by the French brand Boxbo. Designed entirely with children in mind and featuring a unique style that stands out for originality and fun, the classic footwear style is transformed into intriguing small animals or enriched with smile-shaped cutouts/ Always in cheerful bright colours, the footwear is made of 100% non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials.



Little Hotdog Watson

Bonnets and hats with ears and visor become super trendy children’s accessories thanks to the original designs by Little Hotdog Watson, a British brand that enhances these classic styles with cool colours, patterns and details. Animal and camouflage prints, eco-fur in neon colours, little ears and pompons are the strongest features of a collection that overrides the classic look of these indispensable accessories, totally renewing them and bringing them closer to the personal preferences and imaginative world of children.


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