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Aldo Lorenzi reopens its shop at Larusmiani’s.

Larusmiani shares a part of its space with the range of exclusive accessories by Aldo Lorenzi, now in common dwelling inside the historic Boutique Larusmiani at the number 7 of Via Montenapoleone in Milan.

Handmade objects by master craftsmen, from knives, to fancy desk, to smoking articles and toiletries, tools for shaving.

Aldo Lorenzi taught me the importance of continuing to dream and be practical at the same time. A teacher with whom I share the enthusiasm of making the impossible possible and the passion for the real things. The uniqueness lies in the realization of the best, remaining faithful to the past but with a contemporary approach ” said Guglielmo Miani head of the luxury brands of clothing and tailoring Larusmiani, the oldest of Via Montenapoleone .

Larusmiani was the first in Italy to import the vicuña, the most valuable fiber in the world, and continues to make a ‘tailored service’ with the experience of 40 master tailors and with a history of more than 90 years.

Aldo Lorenzi, the second son of a family of knife sharpeners, inherits the cutlery G. Lorenzi right next to the boutique Larusmiani, at number 9, which was then closed in 2014 by Mr and Mrs Lorenzi.

But one day, Mr. Miani called me and asked me where is it the art of knowing how to do things, – responds Aldo Lorenzitherefore I felt is rightaway time to return to Boutique.We both have elective affinities, love so much our work and we are curious and active. We are hungry, meaning the desire and enthusiasm to do.Just as his grandfather explained cashmere’ stories, we tell stories of razors and brushes, their why. And to make things right, as my grandfather said, it takes experience and time...”.



Aldo Lorenzi e Guglielmo Miani
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Pennello da barba_Shaving brush
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