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AlPascià Leather & Pipes

AlPascià is an ancient store of Milan with ultracentenaria activities managed by the late Eighties by the partner Sportelli and today by sons Cosimo and Leonardo, temple of the pipe for amateurs and collectors and leather accessories Made in Italy by skilled artisan tradition.It was opened in 1906 by entrepreneur Carati of Pavia which produced over 50.000 pipes per day (there were no cigarettes and pipe and cigar were smoked ) and needed a repair shop for its customers in downtown Milan .The sixteenth century palazzo in via Turin 61 houses for over a century the tradition of Al Pascià .


The range of pipes is impressive, coming from large and small manufacturers around the world, handcrafted or made by mechanical means, for amateurs and for true collectors.


A briar pipe is unique and hard year; a smoker should have at least 7 pipes, one per day, to let them rest, so that one can enjoy fine tobacco in the taste buds and the aromas ( with a pipe do not aspirating smoke).AlPascià manufactures pipes ‘made ​​to measure’, like real atelier studio with the collaboration of the best artisans.Now comes the ‘missing pipe’, called Curvy because similar to the one used by Sherlock Holmes (the Calabash), but in pocket version, with the same system of air space cooling that keeps the smoke cold, without moisture, and velvety . The Curvy pipe is unisex and in many different colors.


Leather accessories made by AlPascià, born prior to tile the experience of smoking, have expanded in real collections of bags and duffel bags, backpacks, trolley, business and techno devices accessories, man and woman, to meet customers’ high quality and value requests, or even collecting. Skins and manufacturing, mostly sourced in Tuscany, decline pret- à-porter proposals or ‘made to measure’ at the request of the customer, always finished with his initials. AlPascià is present with all its collections Pipes & Leather online on alpascialeather.com and directly at the e-commerce that delivers all over the world.


For more informations:


Via Torino, 61  Milano

Tel. 02- 86450597



AL PASCIA for business
AL PASCIA doctor bag
Curvy black matte pipa
AL PASCIA cover2
porta spazzole
porta cravatte
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