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Ancarani, those little details that make history

For Fall-Winter 20018/19, Daniele Ancarani launches a collection of shoes influenced by the richness of small details full of history. Tactile perceptions that trascend what appeases the eyes. In their originality and exclusivity, Ancarani’s creations are an assortment of the most modern technologies that respect the tradition of footwear technology. For a designer this means reverting to dwell on a detail, to relive it in a contemporary form. Streetwear is the star – borrowed from  sportswear – and the creative DNA chosen for this season. A  fashion that inspires and adopts fads from street clothing. A youth culture that expresses its style. Cool and all the rage. Three themes are presented in the collection, from sporty to more sophisticated, for a perfect wardrobe that’s in line with the latest fashion: Sporty Chic, Vintage, and Glamour.


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