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Anteprima opens Galleria where Art meets Fashion

Galleria, the new exhibition space dedicated to contemporary visual arts in the Corso Como 9 Anteprima boutique in Milan, will be the location of a multitude of events and exhibitions dedicated to the best art installations, sculptures and paintings by established and upcoming contemporary talents. The new space has been conceived by Izumi Ogino, Anteprima creative director, who decided to create this new space because the world of art constantly provides her with uniquely invaluable sources of inspiration.

Galleria is opening on February 15th at 6pm with the Incomplete Flags exhibition by Mario Arlati, the eclectic Milanese artist known for his artworks full of expressiveness, power and energy. The vaguely patriotic theme of the exhibition is expressed through a miscellany of flags of various nations created by the artist using accidentally colour-stained rags or dyeing workshop by-products. The reinterpretation of the flags according to Arlati’s creativity is a silent tribute to the paintings by the artist Jasper Johns.

The flags of Maestro Arlati interact coherently with the Wirebag, the iconic bag launched in 1998 by Anteprima that immediately became the perfect emblem of hand-made in its finest form, which is a fundamental characteristic of the brand. On this particular occasion, the Wirebag becomes the Bandiera Wirebag with specific references to flags that are also a tribute to the most important international sports games. The new Bandiera Wirebag range is made using the most refined PVC tricot techniques that provide the bags with a truly futuristic and cosmopolitan allure.

The Incomplete Flags exhibition will remain open to the public until the end of March 2018.