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Antonio Ortega

Dreams of Haute Couture

A passion for high craftsmanship and love for life, is the foundation for Antonio Ortega’s success

A dream come true. Thanks to his passion for the highest form of craftsmanship, an attention to detail, and a great love for life, Antonio Ortega has managed to become a new name in Haute Couture. Born in Morelia, a Mexican city renowned for its culture and its artisan traditions, Ortega discovered his strong interest in fashion at the age of eight, when he secretly began using his mother’s sewing machine. He created his first  dress inspired by a pattern seen in a magazine. In 1994, he worked with the Mexican Arts and Crafts Centre, and mastered the ancestral  techniques and know-how of   braiding, weaving, embroidery, and openwork. Curious and always ready to face new challenges, the young Ortega was hired in 1996 by the television channel, Televisa S.A., where he  excelled as head stylist, adding un disputed managerial skills to his artistic and creative talent. The big jump occurred in 2001, when Antonio moved to Paris to discover the roots of high fashion and study at the Chardon Savard design school. He then worked in Dominique Sirop’s workshop, where he refined his technical knowledge and honed in on the  importance of detail. The same year, he launched his own label, characterized by cultural diversity and the mix of noble and natural fibers. In 2014, more am-bitious and determined than ever, he debuted in Paris during haute couture week, with his collection, “The snake, myth, and reality”. His last runway show for Spring-Summer 2016, Encounters, is a luxu- rious and exciting line inspired by three special women Ortega once met: Inès and Camerine Teresa, both expert crocheters, and the lace worker, Véronique Louppe.

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