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The new range of Swarovski crystals studded sunglasses


Atelier Swarovski Eyewear SK0163-P_32G_CloseUp

By Francesco Maffei

 After having conquered the world of jewellery and home décor, Atelier Swarovski has decided to invade even further the world of accessories with the launch of its very first sunglasses collection.

Made accordingly to the rules and traditions of Made in Italy,  the new eyewear line was born as a pure celebration of the multifaceted Swarovski crystals. And also as a new development by the brand in the offer for the women’s luxury segment and as a fulfilment of the desire to establish itself even more as the unbeatable worldwide leader when it comes to crystal manufacturing. Thanks to Swarovski undeniable ability in turning crystals into artisanal avant-garde designs, perfect for any occasion, the collection reaffirms once again the role of Swarovski as the most outstanding creative expression when it comes to crystals.

Atelier Swarovski remains true to its unmistakable style, using only high quality materials and the most precise and accurate crystal processing techniques. The brand has extended its very successful partnership with the Marcolin Group until 2023.




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