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Beauty: Cavallino Bianco, Weleda, Linea Mamma Baby, Cos-metica

Cavallino Bianco


The Family Spa Grand Hotel Cavallino Bianco in Ortisei, Italy is currently offering a full range of cosmetic products and detergents dedicated to its younger guests. Called BelLino, it is designed for children aged from 3 months to 12 years with features depending on the specific needs of each age. Comprising of shampoo, body wash, two different face and body creams, one more suitable for children up to 6 years, the second for older kids, the range is made of natural extracts that remind of delicious ingredients: oat, aloe, lotus flower or mauve extracts are combined with the nutrients derived from milk and honey and with the moisturising effects of olive oil, almond oil and karite butter, also known as shea butter.

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Atopic dermatitis is a common skin disorder among children, often due to genetic reasons but also as a result of environmental factors such as pollution. Weleda developed a full line of cosmetic products for hypersensitive skins who tend to suffer from this disease. Thanks to soothing white mallow, the Baby Derma White Mallow Collection provides deep hydration and a soothing layer to protect the baby’s skin from external attacks and to rebalance any type of unbalance with no added fragrance. Pansy, coconut oil and beeswax extracts provide a pleasant scent to the three products of the collection that comprises a face cream, a body lotion, and a nappy cream.

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COSM-etica, the manufacturer of cosmetics for children and adults, always very careful when choosing raw materials and always committed to fuel consumption reduction over the entire production process, introduces two new products for children: the Baby Zoe sunscreen cream and cleansing water. The former provides 50+ protection suitable for protecting the delicate skin of children in every situation while the latter ensures cleansing and moisturising with no need for rinsing. Both complying to the brand philosophy that favours few high efficiency multifunction products, the Baby Zoe range uses the emollient and soothing properties of organic honey and the nourishing properties of organic cotton.


Linea Mamma Baby


Mamma Baby by Olcelli Farmaceutici offers a full range of cosmetics dedicated to the beauty care of children and pregnant women. Active since 1944, the company devised the range to meet the daily needs of mother and baby: as a matter of fact, the products are sold in comfortable all-inclusive pouches. Cleansers, creams, oils, towelettes and deodorants are made in compliance with pharmaceutical rules with organic glycerine extracts and without using colorants or paraben. The packaging with compelling graphics has comfortable shapes and dimensions: either with 100ml PET bottles for travelling and for small trips or with 500ml dispensers for home use.

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