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Belma Tvico – Boundless Creativity

Designer Belma Tvico creates garments in a workmanlike fashion in her Sarajevo atelier

The founder of the Tvico maison is not only a couturier. She is also a designer who embodies style, sophistication, audacity, and a great passion for her work. Belma’s love for fashion came at an early age, when she started making clothes for her dolls. Today, her atelier in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, creates haute couture, demi-couture, prêt-à-porter, and mag- nificent wedding dresses, all through artisanal techniques. Each piece is meticulously supervised by the designer herself, who makes sure that every little detail is perfect. The fabrics are selected for comfort, and the quality and refinement of the raw materials used is expressed in all the various lines. The atelier offers a bespoke service that gurantees a final product of excellence. With incomparable courtesy and competence, each client is followed and advised with great care. Movement and futuristic shapes are fascinating and are an untold source of inspiration for the designer. Graphic prints that express en- ergy and vitality complete her garments, emphasizing feminin- ity and enhancing the silhoutte. Belma explores motifs that arise from primordial forms for a unique and innovative final result. Hypnotic effects evoke an infinite space without limits, in which everything is possible. The creations are embellished with appliqués, expert draping, and hand-made embroideries. Romantic and contemporary, they express an elegance that represents the personality of the wearer.


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