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Bright and the big outdoors

The Berlin trade show introduces a brand new section to the big outdoors

An exciting news for the new edition of Bright, scheduled to take place in Berlin from the 17th to the 19th of January. Since its inception, the über cool trade show has always been focused on the changes of a fashion world in constant motion and has always answered the needs and requirements of a fashion system in constant evolution.

In line with its ultimate goal of always showcasing the latest trends and developments in fashion and lifestyle, Bright has therefore decide to launch a brand new section during its forthcoming edition dedicated to the Autumn/Winter 2017 collections. As exemplified by its name, the  ‘Outdoor Aesthetics’ section. is entirely dedicated to the great outdoors and focused exclusively on brands that connect design with function and that break down the divide between streetwear and all that is connected to the outdoor world.

The brand line-up includes exciting labels such as Heimplanet from Germany Nameless from Russia, Snow Peak, MofM, F/CE from Japan and many others.


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