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Budapest Central European Fashion Week

Good vibes from Budapest

An emotional experience of Made in Hungary and all-round creativity

by Dina De Fina


Spring arrives with Budapest, a vibrant, decadent and aristocratic city. An imaginary line marked by the Danube leads us to discover Buda in the hills, the oldest and most authentic part, to then descend towards Pest, on the plain, the commercial nerve centre, on the up and with a contemporary twist. The city immediately captivates us for the grandeur of its architecture, testimony of a glorious and imperial past, for the décor of its empirical bridges and palaces, and for its love that has always centred on culture and art, with its numerous galleries and multitude of museums, ateliers and photographic exhibitions. On the other hand, Budapest surprises us with its metropolitan atmosphere; vast areas are in complete reconstruction and redevelopment, some are already active multi-purpose centres dedicated to dance, theatre and visual arts and music, meeting points for crowds of students, artists, young managers and investors from all over the world.

We are here for Budapest Fashion Week (BCEFW), the most important fashion event for Hungary itself and for the whole of central Europe as it celebrates the creative and commercial importance of central European fashion and design industries. This most anticipated of fashion events takes place twice a year and gives the opportunity to more than 50 designers from this part of Europe to present both on the catwalk and in exhibition spaces and other relevant events. In addition, it is the HFDA – Hungarian Fashion Design Agency that plays an important role in the organisation, a non-profit organization that establishes strong local and international partnerships, with very specific objectives. First of all, to provide structured and efficient professional assistance to all the stakeholders in the sector.

Additionally, the HDFA intends to improve and support the manufacturing sector, favour artisan companies and local traditions, stimulate interest in these by creating new positions and so increasing the rate of employment, supporting innovation, research and development, as well as sustainability in the sector. All of this creates a cosmopolitan audience that brings important players in fashion, international media and key representatives of the sector to the Hungarian capital.

Furthermore, always in the context of supporting young talent, important exchange programs have been established to create a bridge between school and work. This year a significant ‘Budapest Select’ mentoring project was conceived by CNMI – National Chamber of Italian Fashion, in support of the creativity of a group of Hungarian designers who have thus had the opportunity to visit important and historic Italian textile companies Made in Italy, meeting buyers, exhibiting collections and to then finally participate on the catwalk in Milan during the fashion week in February.






Je suis belleJe suis belle
Katti ZoobKatti Zoob


Marco RambaldiMarco Rambaldi
Szigmond DoraSzigmond Dora
Maison MarquiseMaison Marquise


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