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Cariaggi, Filpucci, and Tollegno: trends for yarns in Summer 2017


A multicolor dream, a suspended vision, a need for lightness and etherealness. For the upcoming warm season, the Cariaggi company in Pesaro aims at a carousel of natural shades and transparencies with  airy trims on precious fibers. Increasingly fine fabrics – cashmere, merino, silk, and cotton – are proposed with different effects. Oversized volumes with a soft  touch and a color palette that is subdued, very light, taking advantage of the green facets of these bespoke and tailor-made products:

“Our company has always been very attentive to the concept of sustainability. It has been issued certifications regarding environmental issues and energy conservation since 2006, thanks to the elimination of harmful components used in the production phase and in the protection  our employees”, stated  Cristiana Cariaggi, holder of the trademark.

The new line of eco-friendly yarns, “SystemaNatvare” – a series of eco-friendly yarns with colors obtained from flowers, leaves, herbs, berries, and roots of medicinal plants – is proof of this corporate imprinting. Among the novelties  in this collection, Sirius makes a distinction. A new yarn with an opaque effect, in 100% carded silk. Along with Mulberry and Biarritz, with a freshness attributable to a Belize cotton cage with textured nylon filaments. However, the  spearhead of the Spring-Summer 2017 Collection is Capri: a Cashemp yarn with shimmering micro sequins.



Yellow in all its spectrum and gradations, from sunflower to olive-green streaks, with a welcoming message of wellness and openness. The leading color for the Filpucci Spring-Summer 2017 Collection: 40 yarns (30% new) using highly selected natural vegetable fibers, dominated by cotton, linen, and viscose.

Through  a special study on cotton and silk,  a further refinement of linen, and the novelty of a hi-tech jewel-like thread,  this company in Prato emphasizes overlapping techniques, such as prints and embroideries, along with unusual decorative processes,  which include a sophisticated sponginess and a sorghum appearance. The Jacquard technique prevails in the workmanship, transmitting a sense of couture, and a certain emphasis is given to the “Indigo” concept, among poorly-tinted and variegated processes.

“With a strong focus towards the production chain and the requisite for traceability, in compliance with international norms and conventions regarding labor rights, the new collection”, stated Federico Gualtieri, CEO for the Prato brand, “ranges  from the sculpture-like workmanship of viscose with lurex and sequins to fine linen, and from mako cotton with a fineness of 70,000 threads to digital prints.”



Italian ceramics and Andalusian, Moroccan, and Portuguese majolicas are the inspiration for the color choices in the 2017 Spring-Summer Collection for Tollegno, among the leading Italian companies in the yarn milling sector, which has always been attentive to art and to environmental and cultural sustainability: “Tollegno is historically inserted in a virtuous  production circuit, investing in new-generation machines and paying careful attention to energy conservation and to the use of non-polluted waters, while  also taking advantage of master and cultural projects”, stated RaffaellaBorea, from the press office of this Piedmontese company.

A Mediterranean style. The new collection classically finds its strongpoint in extra-fine merino wool – both in a pure version and also mixed with  silk, cashmere, and viscose – and finds a very valid alternative in the novelties of Spring-Summer 2017 with Wollcot: an outsider yarn, 53% extra-fine merino wool and 47% cotton, with characteristics of excellence that are  typical of wool (durability, comfort) and the intrinsic lightness of cotton, which tackles climate change through a multi-seasonal product.

After all, the leitmotif of suavity crosses through the entire project proposed by the company for Spring-Summer 2017, ranging from New Royal 2/60 and Charme 2/80, designed for jerseys,  to Harmony 1/30 and 1 / 60, designed for the creation of fluid outfits and light knit fabrics.