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Cécile Roederer tells the story of Smallable and Hundred Pieces

The idea of Smallable came to me when I still had no children, by noticing the fact that many parents did not have the time to go from one store to another shopping for clothes, furniture, accessories and toys for their children. And, after almost ten years, Smallable is a now an important reference point for the world of children. I also realised how the concept of family takes on new meanings, how it changes, grows, evolves. Extended families, groups of friends, all kinds of partnerships count: we want to cater for all kind of families, without exception. That’s why we have extended our product offer to women’s fashion, to beauty products for grown-ups and children, to homeware. Smallable is now a fully formed Family Concept Store, but always based on the same concept: find the most interesting brands and offer them to our customers. This season we have welcomed more than 800 brands of fashion, design, cosmetics, acces- sories, shoes and childcare products. Alongside Smallable, in 2016 we created Hundred Pieces, our own fashion brand available for purchase on our e-com- merce website but also in a selection of boutiques all over the world. Hundred Pieces offers a wardrobe of 100 pieces that are easy to wear, up-to-date, special in terms of quality, style and prints. Cool, relaxed, essential garments inspired by urban culture and vintage sportswear. Hundred Pieces wants to impress the parents without forgetting to please the children. This family spirit is part of our DNA, it is a trademark, a unique selling point that we intend to be faithful to collection after collection. As a matter of fact, the Autumn/Winter 2018 collec- tion won the Best French Brand award at the last edition of Playtime. A greatachievement for the Hundred Pieces family of which we are very proud of!


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