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Filippo Laterza prêt-à-porter debut

Filippo laterza

After a successful haute couture debut at the beginning of 2017, the young Italian designer creates an an impeccable prêt-à-porter collection for Spring/Summer 2018. One of the most fascinating features of his ready-to-wear debut is, without a doubt, the ability to create original and innovative games of chromatic contrast. The main source of inspiration is fauvism, the French artistic movement of the early twentieth century characterised by a revolutionary and extraordinary use of colour. Filippo was also inspired by a series of recent trips that took him to Barcelona, Berlin, London, Marrakech, New Delhi, Paris, Santorini and Shanghai. As a result, the colour palette ranges from scarlet red to powder pink, from wisteria to lime yellow, from Yves Klein blue to vermilion, from mauve to shocking pink. “I decided to communicate the adventures that I have experienced by resuming the aesthetic codes of Fauvism: chromatic games that represent the most pure emotions of the moment and naïf designs born from impetus” explains the young designer. The excellent Made in Italy design and craftsmanship masterfully and skilfully transform refined fabrics, such as delicate Indian silk organza, French jacquard, silk mikado, innovative German silk gauze, in extraordinary creations with architectural volumes and sculpted lines. Elegant and elaborate decorative motifs such as delicate Italian embroidery and Spanish details add a further qualitative layer to an interpretation of beauty that must also be considered as a symbol of creative freedom. The designer also boasts of a continuous partnership with the Chinese colossus, Maidilang Group, in view of the constant ever growing collaboration between East and West.


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