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Pastel colors


The name comes from MAT(T)erial and NATural because the brand loves everything, and most particularly beauty, that surrounds us. Everything derives from the surrounding world and everything must be in harmony with it, in some way or another. The Spring/Summer 2017 palette is inspired by tropical summers and by natural colours, articulated in pastel tones and some stronger hues. Blue, pink, white, coral, but also more or less intense shades of brown that recall the soil.




Snob designs its pieces with an approach that can be defined snob for people who aren’t necessarily snob but who most surely have a strong and assured taste. Streamlined shapes and volumes for the handbag and clutch bag collection. Minimalist details and linear sequences for objects with highly ergonomic and architectural designs, expertly muted by pastel tones like sky blue and candy pink. Intriguing plays of contrasts obtained with opposite colours or simple carvings.


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