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ConceriaPriante: Flamboyant skins

Flamboyant – from the French – is the new collection of skins for bags, shoes, and fashion accessories by the tannery, Conceria Priante, which poses a cultural bridge between East and West. “Our proposal for Spring-Summer 2017 is a crossover of Afro-Asian styles interpreted with a European taste”, stated Luigi Priante, director and head of research and development, and marketing and design for Conceria Priante in Vicenza.
UntitledThis is similar to that performed on the catwalks by various fashion houses – Gucci, Stella Jean, Marni – just to name a few. “The most researched theme, today, is precisely multi-culturalism, in a mix of past and present, vintage flavors and exotic accents, contemporary influences and cultural experiences ferried from the old to the new continent, which is focused on a globetrotter collector in search of vintage pieces to incorporate with creativity.”
A bit bourgeois and very bohemian, this theme is here delineated both in geometric and floral patterns, as well as in psychedelic patterns. “1970s wallpaper, Chinese boudoir, red lacquer, Japanese liberty, and African imprints ‘inflame’ the melting pot of this new collection, among extremely glossy surfaces, almost vitreous, and others alternately opaque and powdery.”
Luster and depth of color permeate the line of skins by the ConceriaPriante, with a decisive color palette for Spring-Summer 2017. “It ranges from dark blues to turquoises, from reds to purples and from the browns to the oranges of the lands of Africa, without counting the beiges and grays, great classics from the Summer collection.”
From the analysis of certain materials, such as twill, velvet, and bouclé, new textures for skins are created. “We love the three-dimensionality imparted by the weaves of fabrics, as well as their suppleness. The way they “fall” and their wooliness , without considering their tactile and sensorial effects. Treating skins as if they were fabric means ensuring more flexibility, youthfulness, and versatility. In conclusion, an unprecedented comfort, and the possibility for more audacious combinations.”

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