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Double Soul

Two souls coexist harmoniously in the new collection by Pecci: the exuberance of more showy aspects in contrast with intimately more secret profiles. The raw materials, in their two different aspects, evolve according to specific features, following their own characteristics, enhancing them. The cashmeres, the alpacas, the very fine wools evolve in a sense of beauty and pleasure, while the patterned yearns are found in more consistent aspects, less transparent, but still lightweight and comfortable. The softest touch and thin gauges with stretchy yarns for a knitwear closer to the body. The colours transmit wellbeing and accompany the meeting of emotions and new visual experiences, open to patterns with contrasts of surfaces and volumes, beyond the usual canons. The tones are vibrant from red to fuchsia, magnetic in the blue shades, energetic in the yellow acid hues, faded in the irregular- ity of the blends and mixes. Mohairs vibrate with brilliance and iridescent aspects, whereas there is a sense of naturalness to be found in the alpacas.


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