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Ernesto D’Argenio posing for Al Pascià

The actor Ernesto D’Argenio, originally from Milan and lived in South Italy and abroad (England, Scandinavia, Southeast Asia and France), is known to be a young promising actor with already many active castings such as the films ‘The Confessions’, ‘Rocco Schaivone’ and ‘What a strange name to be Federico’ (leaded by Ettore Scola), the fiction ‘Squadra Antimafia’ and ‘Grand Hotel’.

A passionate man, appreciating sports, vintage cars and motorcycles, wears in these shots Brioni clothing and accessories and an Al Pascià pipe (Curvy model), photographed by Francesca Fago in two charming and toughest poses, as in roles for which it is most recognized.

Al Pascià, a historic ‘bottega’ of pipes and precious leather goods, located in the heart of Milan, via Torino 61, is part of the Milanese tradition as a ‘heritage shop’ that has been doing business for over a hundred years, collecting hundreds of products coming from small manufactures and large companies all over the world, as a true atelier with the collaboration of the best artisan laboratories.

Curvy, the new compact pipe of Al Pascià inspired by Sherlock Holmes’s Calabash, has a modern design and is extremely lightweight, featuring a special cooling system that keeps fresh, dry, velvety smoke. The model is unisex, produced by the company Gubbels, declined in many color variants.



Actor-model: Ernesto D’Argenio

Photographer: Francesca Fago

Style: Curvy Pipe of Al Pascià.

Suit in wool and silk, polo, shirt, scarves, shoes, all from Brioni.


<Barbara Tassara>