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In Bottega Immagine, in via Farini 60 in Milan, Alain Leporati King Manichini presented the works of students from Prof. Luca Caccioni’s Department in the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.


Evanescence, the title of this project – curated by Luca Panaro – that stems from this encounter, is also that of the precious line of mannequins that the King Manichini company, a leader in the sector, has made available to young designers for creating their works. Evanescent is the beauty of these design figures that embody the ideal of both a sensual and an ethereal femininity. The students of the Academy in Bologna have reinterpreted the grace of the mannequins used, depriving them of their main function, namely, that of enhancing the appearance of the high fashion clothing they normally wear, as was demonstrated in the works by the students involved in the project: Matilde Baglivo, Costanza Battaglini, Lavinia Bolognini, Edoardo Ciaralli, Ludovica Lotito, Gabriella Presutto, Camilla Riscassi, Lucrezia Roncadi, Golzar Sanganian, Agata Torelli. The attention to the artistic quality and design of the products that the company, King Manichini, based in Carpi (Modena), has always shown since it was founded in 1989, is now poured into an important collaboration with the historic academic institute in Bologna. The Evanescence project was introduced in 2017 and involved the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, with its Photography Department. After this year’s experience at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, with its Painting Department, the project promoted by Alain Leporati and curated by Luca Panaro will continue with the intention of involving other institutes of higher academics.