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Clothes that tell a Story

At Palazzo Morando in Milan, daywear and eveningwear that reflect the taste of an era

Clothes  speak  and  recount  everything  about  those  who  wear them: not only age, but also origin, wealth, taste, culture, customs, traditions, and social rules. And while admiring the clothes on display at Palazzo Morando in Milan, you will discover many aspects of the Milanese society of the past century. The exhibition is“Outfit 900. Clothes for special occasions in fashion at Palazzo Morando”. The pieces on display are almost entirely donated by Milanese families, and each have a different story to tell: the stories of the women who wore them and their eras. Twenty-three outfits divided into two sections: daywear and eveningwear. The first includes wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, as well as outfits for the afternoon, for a concert or tea, and those for gala lunches. The second section is,  instead,  for  soirées  or  a  premiere  at  La  Scala,  for  receptions, and balls. The clothes are combined by accessories, particularly handmade shoes, while beautiful vintage photos give proof of the metamorphosis of a garment that passes from one generation to the next, and worn to celebrate different occasions in life. A visit to this exhibition is above all an opportunity to see the evolution and change in taste of the middle-upper Milanese bourgeoisie through the clothes they wore: the lines of the ‘60s, the elegance of the‘70s, and the exoticism of the ‘80s. The piece de resistance of the exhibition is the Armani dress worn by Glen Close in 1994 at the Oscars ceremony. Last but not least on exhibit are creations by Pucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Krizia, and Whort.

“Outfit ‘900. Clothes for Special Occasions at Palazzo Morando”, until November 4th 2018, Palazzo Morando, via Sant’Andrea , 6 Milan