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Graphyo: the luxurious complexity of high fashion offered in sportswear

A specialisation in niche sportswear outlines the design and development of the iconic garment presented by Fbs Italia on the occasion of “Origin, passion and beliefs“: GRAPHYO, the first example of a techno jacket made of graphene.

The concept of seasonality is broken down by the technical skills of the creative team, which was able to create a highly innovative and versatile product. The proven quality of Made in Italy is ensured by the design itself, which was carried out entirely in Italy, and made according to an exciting combination. The heat-sensitive outer covering in fact boasts an overlapping of graphene fabrics and a removable quilted lining which contains a battery-operated device for precise thermoregulation.

Talking of graphene, it refers to a material consisting of a monoatomic layer of carbon atoms with unparalleled strength and lightness, to which are added valuable antibacterial properties. Laser-cut and heat-welded finishes give the garment an excellent permeability and high technical performance.

by Sara Baroni


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