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The metallic masterpieces by Whiting & Davis

The American brand is celebrating its 140th anniversary with a special heritage bag collection


It is since the distant 1876 that Whiting & Davis creates sparkling metallic masterpieces using metal mesh. To mark its 140th anniversary, the American brand is launching a special Heritage Collection to celebrate in the best possible way its long glamorous line of bags, ranging from the roaring twenties to today’s red carpets through the legendary New York nightclub Studio 54. Inspired by the rich company tradition of bags that have become real trendsetters, the Whiting & Davis creative staff designed a truly special collection in the name of contemporary taste and style. In fact, shapes and dimensions have been adapted and renovated to enter with full rights into the 21st century. An iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, for example, can fit in all the different styles and many bags include fringes, often decorated with Swarovski crystals, and elegant shapes that are as popular today as they were a century ago. The limited edition collection is being produced only in the current year in occasion of the 140th anniversary: each bag has a celebratory label on the inside in the typical red of the company as well as a specific Heritage Collection tag. The long history of the American company began when William H. Wade, Edward P. Davis and Louis Heckman decided to open a company specialised in silver production starting at first with jewellery in late Victorian style. The name Whiting & Davis came along 20 years later when Charles Whiting became Edward Davis’ partner in 1896. The 20th century tells a story of continuous success, even in the world of music and film celebrities, for the Whiting & Davis bags, a popularity that continues without interruption today and will continue for sure in the future.



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