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The tenth anniversary of UnduetreSTELLA at the Fabbrica del Vapore in occasion of Milan Design Week

The eclectic and energetic unduetreSTELLA, the concept store and agency created ten years ago in Milan by Paola Noè, celebrated in style its tenth anniversary with a wonderful event during Milan Design Week. The brand new child-friendly design week initiative was, after the positive experience of Kidsroomzoom, once again welcomed by Milan Design Week and sponsored by the Municipality of Milan.

Divided into three different theme areas, the event offered a brilliant selection of truly special collections of design, furnishing and objects for children under the ‘Now, Now, and Now!’ motto. Through objects, new and old exhibitors and like-minded companies, the event told the decade-long story odf unduetreSTELLA with a vintage selection as a common thread, as Paola Noè is very fond of vintage, a significant part of her approach alongside scouting new emerging and established labels.

Among the many collections showcased, the children and teenagers room furnishings by Nidi, the eco chairs by EcoBirdy, the stickers and hangers by Tresxics, the chocolates with games by Play in Choc. There was also a selection of timeless eco-friendly games by PlanToys, the play storage bags by Play & Go, a brand distributed in Italy by Gioconaturalmente Ama Srl, the natural beauty products by LineaMammababy and furnishing, toys and design objects and accessories by unduetreSTELLA.