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Send us your work!

There are no age limits or restrictions on product, technique, inspiration, size, price, style. There are no pre-established themes. But the submitted work must be exclusively jewellery and/or accessories (including shoes, bags, hats, belts, scarves and gloves).

The selection criteria will be based mainly on the coherence of the project with the designer’s aesthetics as well as on the originality and on the “contemporaneity” of the product.

We will select the three best accessory and jewellery emerging designers and publish their work in issue 94 of Collezioni Accessori, publication date November 2018.

To participate in the Collezioni Accessori Open Call To All  Emerging Accessory Designers, send your work in digital format via the free WeTransfer file sharing site by 12 noon (Greenwich Time) on October 3rd 2018 to accessori.collezioni@logos.info.

Material size:

5 x JPG High Resolution Images 300dpi (minimum)

A no longer than 1500 character text introducing the designer/designers and the work

 A Short biography no longer than 500 character (Please don’t forget to tell us what school you come from)

A black and white portrait of the designer/designers