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A truly multi-tasking crib

The Emi cradle by Pali can be turned into a toy storage box, into a clothes rack and into a desk

Pali never ceases to amaze. The latest proof is Emi, one of the new cribs from the 2018/2019 collection. Suitable for co-sleeping, once the baby grows it can be used first as a convenient storage set, comprising of a large toy box and a clothes rack, and then into a small desk. An absolutely ingenious idea, which aims at multiple uses of a beautiful design object crafted from beech wood that will therefore be part of the child’s life for many years.

During the first months, Emi allows parents to spend the night next to their baby in total safety as it was designed to be placed next to the parents’s bed. In order to use the cradle in the co-sleeping mode, all that needs to be done is adjust the height to the desired level, from 46 to 56 cm, lower the side panel and secure it to the bed using specially designed connection straps. Emi is equipped with four swivel wheels, two with brakes, and therefore can be easily moved and positioned in any room to ensure constant proximity.

Once not needed any longer as a crib, Emi can be used as a very useful and very easy to move toy storage box and clothes rack since it is on wheels. There is also a further use for later year: Emi can be turned into a practical and solid small desk, perfect for the first years at school.


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