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The tradition in top quality

Founded in 1926 and located in Athens in Greece, VOSTEX, is a narrow fabrics manufacturing company that in the course of the past 90 years has been active in the clothing, shoes, hand- bags & fashion accessories segments as well as in homeware, decorations and medals, sleepwear, and orthopedic accessories. The tradition in top quality products and services established VOSTEX as one of the leading companies in Greece, in the European and in the international fashion market. The company has focused in the last year on the 3 majors areas: investing in machinery and equipment, customising the B2B platform and opening a second showroom in Thessaloniki, the capital of Northern Greece. Investing in machinery and equipment (M&E) is on the top of VOSTEX’s priority list. Moreover, after completing the total renovation of the Head Offices and Showrooms in Athens a year ago, VOSTEX strengthened its presence in Greece with the recent opening of a second showroom in Thessaloniki. It is also worth mentioning that the B2B e-commerce sector is growing globally, faster than the B2C sector, requiring therefore more of the company’s attention.


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