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Ladies and gentlemen, Efisio Marras!


The son of the famous fashion designer Antonio Marras, who is only 24 years old, takes the reins of the brand I’m Isola Marras

The 24 year old Efisio Rocco Marras, son of the famous fashion designer Antonio, takes the creative reins of I’m Isola Marras, the contemporary line of the Maison. The major schools attended by Efisio, i.e.: Parsons School of Design and the Liberal Arts and Photography University in Paris as well as the famous Central St. Martins in London, act as a counterpart to his young age. The new direction of I’m Isola Marras intends to be more immediate, easy and accessible thanks to Efisio’s fresh vision, which is  characterised by a contemporary and cosmopolitan approach.