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Fix and Umbro: an intuitive collaboration between brands that dream big

 A co-branding born out of the same passion: football

Today is the day of the official launch of the capsule collection designed by Danish label Le Fix and Umbro, a very important reference brand for sportswear. The limited edition range draws specifically from the Umbro archive from the 1990’s. Redesigned and updated by Le Fix, the garments are re-born out of a very rich sport history, intuitions and a crystal clear dream: being able to present in a new dynamic way an epic moment for football.

The collaboration led to the creation of several styles, specifically designed for this sport discipline including T-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts. Also in the collection, a contemporary elegant reinterpretation of the classic soccer jersey that has been turned into a polo shirt, becoming, therefore, the perfect hybrid for sports and sportswear lovers who are looking for that authenticity that really makes the difference. Inevitably, there is also a soccer ball.

The perfect harmony between the two brands is mirrored by the design of a new polygonal logo, which encloses both brand names in different shades of blue, which are the key colours alongside white, grey, black and red.

A capsule collection that pulsates with energy and vitality, rich in history and unforgettable memories.



By Sara Baroni


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