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Sharon’s Brides

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Sharon Bowen-Dryden is a high fashion designer established in the bridal sector, both for the designs of her avant-garde bridal collections (presented at the White Gallery and during London Fashion Week), and for the exclusive creation of wedding dresses uniquely designed for high-profile clients.
Having a unique wedding dress created by an experienced designer can be exciting. Sharon reassures her brides throughout every stage of the process, from the project to the final creation. With a keen eye for fashion and an impeccable taste, Sharon works with her brides to create exclusive and unique dress. The design process begins with an informal chat about the style of the wedding, taking into consideration both the style of the ceremony and the place of the reception, so as to obtain an overall vision. Then Sharon gives her ideas on the type of dress to design. With hundreds of samples of the best exotic silks, satins, velvets, and lace from around the world, and a palette of 150 colors, Sharon guides the bride in selecting from these. She then sketches her initial ideas from which the dress eventually emerges. For the finishing touches, details such as Swarovski crystal beads, appliquès, hand-painted or other motifs can be discussed and added to the final project. Each dress is custom-made. Measurements are taken, then a soft cotton model is made to verify the fit. Once it has been checked and perfected, the dress is cut in the fabrics chosen by the bride. Further fittings will follow, and the last meeting takes place about 2 weeks before the wedding.
During all the stages, Sharon encourages the bride to comment on the fit and feel of the dress, and suggests further design changes to improve it. Nothing but perfection will suffice for the most important dress a future bride will wear.
Sharon’s desire to create wedding dresses came at an early age, since her mother was a dressmaker who created dresses for royal princesses, and who passed on to Sharon all the aspects of the industry, from design to pattern making.
Sharon Bowen-Dryden studied at the University of Bristol – where she obtained a degree with honors in fashion and illustration design, obtained a standing ovation for her first fashion show in London, then went to Paris where she worked with some of the best Haute Coute designers in the world, such as Chloe, Thierry Mugler, Kenzo, Dior, and Lacroix.