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The contemporary uniforms by Prada and the deep contamination between male and female.

Intense male/female couple portraits, shot by Steven Meisel for the Prada Pre-Fall 2015, play with the asymmetries and ambiguities men and women, alternately aloof or, viceversa, intimately entwined in a deep sharing.


The images captured in Meisel’s New York studios, elicit an infinite freedom to interpret the relationships, in composure or challenge, complexity and contradictions, of a fascinating and comprehensive exchange.

What do men take from women? What do women keep for themselves?

The most profound influences from one to the other are often the least apparent, the least visible; exchanges that still charge the cultural and social sphere.


The uniforms theme, another Prada dna element, merge with sensuality becoming from the deep introversion and contamination of feminine and masculine.


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