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Let’s eat: food that makes you grow bite after bite

I spy with my little eye somethings that is full of…nourishing foods that will make children grow up healthy, inquisitive, ready to enjoy the different flavours of the world.

From birth, food marks our first relationship with other people, beyond the investigative capabilities of memory, and is an essential tool for growing and learning.

The primordial big bang from which the story unfolds is the mother’s breast. To be weaned is an emancipatory step to be dealt with safely with antibacterial bottles like those by Lifefactory and Green.Kid stainless.

One day the child will sit at the table with the other members of the family and food will acquire the pleasure of conviviality. Baby chairs allow sharing meals with others, therefore it is better if they are comfortable and easy to assemble as the OVO by of the Spanish brand Micuna. No worries if the morsels do not reach the target straight away. The child will soon learn: in the meantime the delightfully packaged Bluebird Creations bibs will take care of any inconvenience.

The taste of those first samples of food will remain imprinted and buried forever in the child’s memory like Proustian madeleines along with the images of dream-like Kat’s porcelains or retro Litolff tableware and will re-emerge a day thanks to the illustrations of the ‘Envies d’enfance’ book published by Rouergue.

In sips and bites, food becomes passion and experimentation: the aspiring chefs will love composing improbable burgers with the Slow Wood game by Studio Fludd or sitting down in a rush on the Woouf pop chairs.

And when life becomes hectic, The Family Food book published by Mental Fitness Publishing will teach how to prepare delicious “natural recipes for messy families”.

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