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Sun Wind and Fire

Manuela kids design presents a Spring/Summer collection dedicated to the sun, the wind and the fire


A style defined as a “decorative minimalism” where Scandinavian Puritanism meets the Hungarian decorative and colourful floral culture. “We do not follow directly seasonal cuts and colours but we follow our own perspective way of organically floating in every day surrounding life, which of course contains inspirational colours and shapes” reveals Manuela, the founder and creative director of Manuela design kids.


The fabrics are mostly Italian 100% cotton whereas the production is 100% made in Hungary thanks to teams of local experts. “We work with enthusiastic people who do care of making good quality” continues Manuela who also specifies that all patterns are screen printed by hand. Called ‘Sun, Wind, Fire’ and filled with freedom, joy and happiness, the Spring/Summer 2017 collection abstract graphics are obviously inspired by the sun, wind and fire.

Manuela made its debut as a womenswear label in Helsinki, Finland in 2005. Manuela kids design was instead founded in 2011 in Budapest, Hungary after the designer had two daughters whose early childhood, needless to say, provided plenty of inspiration. In 2014 Manuela also founded Flipy, a brand specialised in flip flops.

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