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Marco Rambaldi and Ujoh design two capsules for ‘Saldarini Cashmere Flakes’

The ‘Saldarini Cashmere Flakes’ project, which works on the Saldarini company’s ecological padding in flakes of cashmere, collaborates with young designers Marco Rambaldi and Ujoh for two dedicated capsule collections.

Ujoh incorporates his concept of ‘The Tokyo Capsule’ inwith six items padded with Cashmere Flakes Saldarini. Bomber stretched up to the knee and sensually opened by a central zip, maxi unisex coats with logo-label enlarged, a sleeveless duvet that laces / unfastens completely along the hips.

Marco Rambaldi, awarded in 2018 by the ‘Green Carpet Award’, elaborates the great Saldarini classics items according to his transgender vision, in a material mix of stitched velvets, spotted silks, english wool with argyle design and precious cashmere pads. <BT>