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Michele Bocchese at the Head of the Fashion and Textile Department of Confindustria Vicenza


Vicenza was confirmed as being the fourth ranking Italian province when it comes to workmanship and exports in textiles.  A national authority in the field of fashion and textile, this district hosts big brands, such as Diesel, Bottega Veneta, Daines,e and Marzotto, but also many companies that are at the vertex of prestigious market niches,” stated Michele Bocchese. Besides battling the counterfeiting phenomena, the work program also concentrates on specific training for the younger generation that is eager to enter this field, so that it might rediscover the beauty of craftsmanship in this sector, with the intention of allowing businesses to become competitive on the international market, focusing on technological innovation, by implementing manufacturing 4.0 and enhancing its superiority from a commercial point-of-view, even on the web. The true patrimony of Made-in-Italy fashion and textile is still tradition, culture, and know-how. The first step of the new board was, in fact, its attendance at Homo Faber: Crafting a more human future exhibition – an important cultural event in Venice, held on Isola S. Giorgio – dedicated to art professions in Europe. From design to high-quality craftsmanship, craft trades, humans without the aid of machines, and a glimpse at and a guarantee for continuity in the future, is what the exhibition represented. Michele Bocchese, member of a family of textile industry entrepreneurs – a tradition that was handed down from his grandfather, who founded the Setificio Bocchese in 1908 – is currently CEO of Gruppo Miles. In Confindustria, he has, instead, held various positions: from President of the Fashion department of Confindustria Veneto, to President of the Knitwear department of Sistema Moda Italia, as well as Director of Sistema Moda Italia, in charge of Industrial Policy.

Photo Alessandra Chemollo ©Michelangelo Foundation