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Millè Milano: impromptu collection for a daily red carpet feeling

The distinctive sartorial attention to detail of Made in Italy finds ample space for expression in the embrace of modernist silhouettes, emphasised by the intrinsic attention to detail of the 19/20 collection by Millè Milano. The choice to maintain high production costs revolves around the awareness of the unique value of the final product, for which no compromises are acceptable.

The appealing artistic vein of the new proposals revolves around a feminine sensuality with a linear and discrete character. The warm, elegant coats are offered in harmonious colour shades that wrap you up in sophisticated, everlasting, timeless colours. Velvet finds ample space in the creation of refined robes de chambre with captivating nuances, as well as on brightly coloured patterned dresses. Impalpable, light evening dresses are designed to enhance femininity through bold shades of purple, python patterns and metallic fabrics.

The allure sought by the founder, Mariana Mill, explores the concept of luxury through a conceptual inspiration aimed at creating timeless garments, capable of maintaining an extemporaneous appeal in every context. Deconstructed trench coats and Urban Bouclé coats with fringes and tailored finishes are therefore offered in neutral colours, while vibrant colours cover the “Cruise capsule collection”. The desire to convey a sense of gratification and awareness to the women who wear the Millè Milano garments has led to the creation of clothes suitable for different occasions, to allow every woman to feel like the star on the “red carpet” of her own life.

By Sara Baroni


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