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Much more than just football

Molo presents the Autumn/Winter 2018 childresnwear collection

“The world is ours. It is not yours. It is not mine. Neither anyone else’s. It is ours. What inspires us is what unites us. We are certainly different from each other but we are still part of something bigger. We are part of whole”. With these truly inspiring words, the childrenswear brand Molo introduces the new collection for the Autumn/Winter 2018 season.

The collection has many themes including football, because children not only play football but also watch it on TV. A particularly cheerful piece is a sweatshirt reminiscent of a very well maintained football field, with football-related prints that will make all enthusiastic football fans very happy. There is also a more subtle link with football in the must-have top with a golden map of the football world. Naturally, there are references to 1980’s and 1990’s sportswear, with tracksuits with red or black & white wide stripes, very on-trend and at the same time very comfortable.

Another theme is Around the World, where kids find themselves in a large metropolis about to celebrate and to throw a big party. There are music, fireworks and the magical northern phenomenon of the northern lights that dance in the night sky. Boys wear prints inspired by street art while they refine their skills at the DJ console. Pale dawn colours as well as darker tone of violet, yellow, orange and electric green for the concert stage. It is indeed time to celebrate.

The other themes are In the Middle of Everywhere, Game Changer, Girls Northern Spirit and Girls Celebration.


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