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Since 2013 Motoreta, a brand with a very sophisticated aesthetics, has been creating children’s apparel with distinct urban features. It continues on its path with a new collection in which art and fashion are synergistically blended. Specific attention is paid to geometric shapes and abstract prints, in different variations and colours, inspired by the contemporary design icons like the Jean Prouvé House in Nancy, France. The streamlined lines, the clean silhouettes and the essential shapes become the canvas on which patterns and prints come to life, providing a completely new look to the brand. The colour palette includes white, blue navy, green, orange and shades of grey and black. The colours are combined and matched to create graphic prints and geometric patterns made of dots, stripes, colour blocks: a characteristic feature for the linear and clean garments that clearly reference the world of contemporary design.

Soft to the touch and pleasing to wear materials, like cotton, cotton poplin and eco-sustainable wool, are all Made in Spain. Another added value of the collection is the short chain production focused on eco-sustainability and respecting of the environment.

By Ilenia Ghità