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Nove25, street culture bijoux made in silver and high-tech metals

Nove25 opens its offices and atelier next to the Milanese shop in Via Ravizza 3, inaugurating the new laboratory headquarters of the project born with Roberto DiBenedetto in 2005 and told by Giorgio Bisi (in the picture).

Designers, writers, tattoos and artists create gritty jewels that can be customized by the client according to personal needs and tastes.

The new collection ‘Ophis’ by Mirko Sata of Satatttvision is devoted to the world of esotericism and astrology, between traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

Street art is on stage also for the collaboration with Pauly Bonomelli, australian media artist, who created an amazing installation inside the new Nove25 office in via Sanzio, a mix of traditional painting, tattoo and graffiti on the theme of the Ophis collection.

<Barbara Tassara>