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Paolo Roversi signs the Pirelli Calendar


Set in Verona. An inspiration from Romeo and Juliet?

Paolo RoversiPaolo Roversi

The first time for an Italian photographer: and the honor goes to Paolo Roversi, author of the next TheCal, the Pirelli calendar, the swimwear phenomenon. Roversi is preparing the upcoming shoot in the streets of Verona, and we can only imagine that the theme for the calendar was inspired from the iconic story of Romeo and Juliet. Paolo Roversi is a photographer known for his striking portraits and for his special visual language. His photographs dance between past and present, giving life to images that are both innovative and familiar. Paolo started his professional career in 1970 as a photojournalist, but he soon shifted his focus to fashion. In the early 1980s, he created large-format Polaroid photos, arousing curiosity and receiving a consensus of opinions. Roversi is recognized both as a great fashion photographer and a portraitist. Throughout his brilliant career, he has photographed very famous models and movie stars.


ph. Paolo Roversi

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