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Paris hosts the sixth edition of Blossom Première Vision for Spring/Summer 2020 trends

On December 12th and 13th, the Carreau Du Temple in Paris will host “Blossom Première Vision”, a biennial event dedicated to innovative brands that unveils new trends for Spring/Summer 2020, within a high fashion context. The suggestive location is particularly suited to accommodate the 115 exhibitors that were meticulously selected by Premièrw Vision for the quality of their products and because they distinguish themselves for the precious fabrics, silks, laces, embroideries, leathers, and luxury accessories they offer.

Laurentine Perilhou will be the guest of honor at Blossom Premièrw Vision. An exceptional artist, she is famous for her precious macramé fabrics, reinventing weaving and embroidery techniques, drawing inspiration from the skills of Chilean artisans. Laurentine will be present at the event for two days, where visitors will be able to admire her mastery as she creates a wide range of unique textile samples, knot after knot, and thread after thread. Fine details, consistency, and elegance are what  best describe her fabrics, which can be applied to different uses, from fashion to jewelry, to high-end decorations.

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