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#perunmarepulito, fashion and sustainability for the 60 years of Armata di Mare

Dedicated to this special anniversary, Armata di Mare, in co-banding with the airline KLM, part of the Air France-KLM Group, presents a capsule collection of reversible garments and accessories made with fabrics derived from the recycling of plastic designed for travelers and for those who love the casual style: a unisex raincoat, a backpack, a pair of flip-flops and a T-shirt, in sky blue and intense navy blue tones inspired by the depths of the sea.

The special collection will be on sale from mid-April at the OVS stores that collaborate on the Armata di Mare initiative.

“It is the first step in a new journey in which Armata di Mare’s commitment to environmental sustainability becomes increasingly concrete and looks to the future not only of fashion but also of the environment”, stated Massimo Cortesi, CEO of Facib SPA, and Patrizia Cortesi, head of communication at Armata di Mare www.armatadimare.com, among the leading brands of the Facib Group since 2007, always at the forefront of research, technology, design, for a concept of ‘dressing’ that follows current customs and thinking.

Testimonial of another eco-sustainable Armata di Mare initiative, Massimiliano Rosolino, former Olympic and world swimmer, inaugurates the ‘Seabin‘ launch at the Naples naval port, an innovative device that collects plastic waste in the sea, including microplastics and the microfibres, produced by Poralu Marine, ready to be installed in many other seaside locations, able to collect, in a year, over 500kg of plastic.

Part of the ‘PlasticLess’ project, conceived by LifeGate, https://www.lifegate.it, a brand and company that has always been committed to sustainable initiatives in all areas of lifestyle.

“We are proud to collaborate with KLM and Armata di Mare on the LifeGate PlasticLess project, the first Italian challenge to clean seas from plastic on a national scale” – comments Enea Roveda, CEO of LifeGate <BT>