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Portugal Fashion 44th edition F / W 2019-2020 report

A more sustainable fashion is the central theme of the 44th edition of Portugal Fashion for the Fall / Winter 2019-2020 season, held in Porto at the Alfandega congress center in Porto, Portugal. Almost 50 designers and national brands, consolidated and emerging, show the modern elegance and the “Made in Portugal” savoir-faire of the fashion, textile and accessory sectors.The project of ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs – and ATP – Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal – continues to present, at national and international professionals, an integrated vision of the sector, developing its potential, season after season, in addition to consolidating the results of all the efforts made so far. Some of the national designers are also present on the catwalks of San Paolo, New York, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Istanbul, London, Vienna, Milan, Paris.

By Barbara Tassara



Hugo Costa

Metropolitan uniforms with large pockets and intelligent sports details


that play on oversized outerwear and soft pants.

Miguel Vieira

‘Winter in Africa’ is the inspiration of colors and artistic prints,

romantically laid on the sartorial proposal with strategic volumes.

Nuno Baltazar

Fashion for urban travelers, an elegant mix of formal and leisure,

for a relaxed contemporary elegance.

Inês Torcato

Exploration and deconstruction of classic clothing, materials, shapes and details,

with an artistic rock touch.

Alexandra Moura

Workwear originated from mixtures of materials, overlays, colors,

in a stylistic bridge between classic and contemporary, country and city.

Daniela Pereira

The African ‘Basotho’ tribe meets the hip hop of the 90s,

with strong colors and oversized volumes, warmed by stoles and balaclavas.

Julio Torcato

Eco-sustainable mini collection, ten symbolic pieces that explore the possibilities

of eco-leather, recycled polyester, cotton, wool and jersey.

Estelita Mendonça

Design and experimentation of new aesthetic languages ​​and the savoir-faire

in wearing the tastes of modern man, in a sporty but also sensual way.

0.9 Virus

Designed by Filipe Ferreira, an exploration focused on technical fabrics

and outwear garments engineered for every climate change.

Rita Sa 

Soft, gentle and geometric silhouettes, for passepartout garments

in a palette of natural tones and pure white.

David Catalán 

Climbing Tailoring’ amplified in the volumes and declined in neutral and earthy shades

alternate by contrasting aquamarine, bright orange and honey yellow.

Maria Gambina

Ski and Après-ski wear, a trendy, warm and technical wardrobe,

transversal timeless garments or with a more contemporary attitude.


Ethno style, graphic and essential, with a design without formalisms,

ready to celebrate Spring in advance.