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Total protection

Kite x Zeiss present UVProtect, the first 100% UV protected clear prescription lens in the world

Even on a cloudy day, our skin receives about 90% of UV light. Which is not good for our skin in terms of skin cancer and of premature ageing. And it’s even worse for our eyes and the very delicate soft skin around them in terms of irritation, sun rash, cataract and photokeratitis, also knows as ‘snow blindness’, which is, believe or not, the sunburn of the corneas. Suntan lotions and sunglasses do protect us from harmful UV rays. But what about when we are not wearing sunglasses but prescription eyewear with clear lenses?

Enters Kite, a British independent eyewear brand that is “reimagining the world of eyewear as we know it”. Thanks to its longstanding partnership with Zeiss, which is only the finest prescription lens crafting company on the planet, Kite recently started to use UVProtect, the first clear prescription lens in the world offering 360 degree and 100% protection from harmful UV rays. Thanks to a combination of cutting edge technologies, UVProtect shields the eyes and the skin around them by blocking direct light and by absorbing light that would otherwise reflect on the inside of the lens. The UVProtect lenses and the Kite frames, including the Grace, the Von and the Miles for example, are just what all shortsighted and longsighted people wearing glasses with clear prescription lenses might need.

Based in Shoreditch, one of the coolest creative hubs in London, Kite is a truly exciting new independent eyewear brand. Founded in 1890, Zeiss is the leading company in the world for prescription, photography and cinematography lenses.

 by Peppe Orrù






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