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Puma launches a model that will make everyone fall in love: the Basket Heart

Kinky sneakers

A mirage of love for all women has just made its way into the world of sportswear as Puma recently launched an original version of the iconic 1970’s Basket sneaker. An allure of romance per

vades the style that, thanks to the double type of laces, one in a soft brushed satin with maxi logo and the other in woven cotton, has already confirmed itse

lf as a key protagonist of street style. The leather upper  of the Basket Heart features a range of colours, i.e. Toreador Red, Black and Blue Depths, specially designed for the Autumn/Winter 2017 season.

The simple, clean design, characteristic of a stoic silhouette, comes with contrasting Formstripe and rubber sole, to give tribute to a power girl who is not afraid to show her romantic side. It is no coincidence that actress Cara Delevingne, the iconic British activist and model, is one of Puma’s influential female ambassadors, alongside Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, a woman who has recently reconfirmed her moral values, bringing to the highest levels that full love for oneself that is inspirational to every woman.


By Sara Baroni

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