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Reca Group: wider horizons with Mainetti Group

With Mainetti Group, the aim is to become the excellence of Made in Italy abroad

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The widespread coverage all over the world is a priority  today, is a  strategic goal and with Mainetti Group the aim of Reca Group is to become the excellence of Made in Italy abroad, promoting and enhancing the uniqueness of the manufacturing tradition worldwide”.

Reca Group has always been passionate about the world of fashion accessories, and since its foundation long ago has committed itself to developing and providing production techniques and technologies that will characterise labels, hangtags and packaging, conceived as symbolic style objects that become an aspect of brand identity.

The Group’s longstanding commercial experience is backed up by its international manufacturing and logistics organisation, which ensures the constant availability and distribution of its products.

Reca runs cutting-edge manufacturing plants in Italy and in Asia, designed to successfully meet every need its Client Companies may express.

Reca Group’s expertise – in conceiving and designing original avant-garde products that project uniquely eye-catching luxury visual impact – highlights its status as a sector player dedicated to innovation both in terms of technology and design.

Its ongoing creative quest is not focused only on single items, but also on the evolution of entire collections, astutely and originally satisfying both customer needs and markets trends.


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